ONLINE Masterclass med Sandra Åberg

SONY afholder i samarbejde med Profoto og CaptureOne den 3. juni kl. 19:00 – 22:00
Vogue Styled Editorial Photoshoot | Masterclass with Sandra Åberg, fashion and wedding photographer.

About this event

Join Sandra Aaberg as she shines a spotlight on her journey as a fashion and wedding photographer and her work with vogue styled editorial photography.

In this masterclass, Sandra will demonstrate how light can be managed in contrasting settings and environment, from sunny Tuscany to gloomy Scandinavia.

The masterclass will be a mix of pre-recorded material (Tuscany & Sweden) and live studio session. Topics that will be explored, include:

  • creative vision
  • planning and directing an editorial
  • working with models
  • camera settings & SONY gear
  • light management with Profoto
  • photo editing with Capture One
  • behind the scenes footage & Sandra’s secrets to success

In the end of the masterclass there will be time for live Q & A, and all participants will be offered a chance to win great prizes and product promotions from Sony, Capture One, Profoto and Sandra Åberg!


  • Hosted and sponsored by Sony Nordic
  • Special Guest: Sandra Åberg – Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador
  • Inspirational lectures by Profoto and Capture One
  • Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Mix of pre-recorded and live session
  • Choose your preferred date when booking the tickets
  • Part of the ticket revenue will be donated to a local charity

Location - Online event - FREE REGISTRATION

Photography Masterclass | Sandra Åberg x Sony Nordic | Thu, June 3, 2021, 19:00 – 22:00 CEST

Blot til høflig info får du lige højdepunkterne:

1.     En Masterclass på ca. 3 timer med inspiration fra Sandra Åberg hvordan hun arbejder med dirigering af model, opsætning af shoot, brug af Profoto lys, opsætning af kameraudstyr, snak om hvordan hun er nået dertil hvor hun er nu, osv. Det hele er allerede forhåndsoptaget inklusiv BTS af hendes workshop.

2.     15min. – 20min. inspirationstale fra Profoto på det lysudstyr som Sandra brugte til workshoppen

3.     15min. – 20min. inspirerende redigering af en af Sandras RAW filer af en Capture One Specialist

4.     Tilgang til Sandras RAW billeder fra workshoppen

5.     Mulighed for at booke 1-times 1:1 inspirationssamtale med Sandra Åberg

6.     Konkurrence med præmier fra Sony, Sandra Åberg, Profoto og Capture One

7.     Kampagne fra Sony, Capture One, Sandra Åbergs Jam Darling

8.     Eksklusiv adgang til Masterclass-videoen 14 dage før vi lægger den på vores YouTube kanal

9.     Billetindtægterne er til at dække alle udgifterne omkring denne Masterclass. Et evt. overskud donerer vi til et nordisk velgørenhedsorganisation omkring bæredygtighed indenfor minimering af plastik i havene. Det er et af Sandras kørende projekter

BIO: Sandra Åberg – Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador

Sandra Aberg Photography is an internationally acclaimed Fashion & Wedding photography business based in Europe. Sandra started out in Milan infatuated with the fashion world – until she discovered weddings and found a unique way to combine the wedding and fashion universe into something the world had not seen before.

That brought Sandra to shoot for fashion wedding magazines like Vogue Wedding and her career took of with workshops for other photographers as well as speaking engagements and much more. Sandra’s work is regularly featured in magazines like Vogue (Japan-Australia-Brazil-Italy), Brides, Martha Stewart and more.

After meeting her partner Joe a helicopter pilot with a great sense of adventure Sandra returned back to what originally sparked her love for photography – nature! She has a great passion for the outdoors – travel and adventure photography is now becoming an even more growing part of her business as well as her passion for the ocean that lead her to underwater photography.

Admired for her dreamy, romantic, pastel coloured and ethereal aesthetic, Sandra strives to create stories and evoke feelings of a dreamlike world with freedom and nature as her inspiring elements.

She always aims to create a little world of artistic etherial universe with timeless images to last a lifetime.Always looking forward to celebrating that incredible time in your life with you, we are here to add smiles to your day & create amazing images for years to come.