FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2021

Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) announced the results of its annual photography competition last evening, April 11.

The 2021 edition of the competition was the biggest yet in its history, with over 300 photographers from 25 different countries sending over 2600 images into the competition. Like last year, the results were announced in an online ceremony.

FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2021 is Antti Karppinen

FEP Awards 2021

Foto: Antti Karppinen

The competition

The competition was divided into 12 categories and in each category 10 best photographers were awarded with either finalist certificates or so-called Camera awards (Golden Camera, Silver Camera or Bronze Camera), the overall winner was selected by the judges among the 12 category winners (= Golden Cameras).

This year the overall winner and the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2021 is Antti Karppinen from Finland, the Golden camera winner of the Illustrative & Fine art -category.

A team of judges

A team of 29 international judges together with the competition Chairman Johan Brouwers had to work hard to go through all these record amount of images and select the best of the best of them. Brouwers says: ”A new name, new categories, clear and adapted regulations, an extensive team of dedicated jury members, a hell of a job for the chairman and the FEP Awards team, but the brilliant results that confirm the high standard of European photography made every minute spent on it worthwhile thanks to all of you.”

This year, the most shining star of the high standard is our new reigning champion and FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2021 is Antti Karppinen from Finland. 

The Chairman commented:

“Last year, Antti Karppinen was already a multiple camera winner. The competition for the ultimate trophy with other golden camera winners was fierce this year. But with these deeply thought-out images telling us a strong story full of symbolism, we have a worthy winner.”

Golden Camera 2021 Winners

FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2021

Photo: Peter Svoboda

The Awards

Awards were spread widely in the competition; in addition to Karppinen, 9 other Finnish photographers received top 3 positions but the camera winners also included photographers from Austria (2), Belgium (2), Czech Republic (1), Germany (1), Italy (4), Norway (1), Portugal (2), Russia (1), Slovakia (3), Spain (3), Sweden (4), Switzerland (1) and UK (2). About 1000 images in the competition received single image awards i.e. scoring minimum of 77 points out of 100. This gives some reference as to how high the level of the competition was this year.

Camera winners per category

Advertising & Commercial
Golden Camera: Mathias Kniepeiss, Austria
Silver Camera: Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland
Bronze Camera: Carlo Marchi, Italy

Digitally created images
Golden Camera: Patrizia Burra, Italy
Silver Camera: Andy J.J. Hens, Germany
Bronze Camera: Annamari Kemppainen, Finland

Domesticated animals
Golden Camera: Kristi Vilmunen, Finland
Silver Camera: Alison Becu, Belgium
Bronze Camera: Heidi Järvi, Finland

Fashion & Beauty
Golden Camera: Therese Asplund, Sweden
Silver Camera: Giorgia Corniola, Italy
Bronze Camera: Michael Schnabl, Austria & Martina Wärenfeldt, Sweden

Illustrative & Fine art
Golden Camera: Antti Karppinen, Finland
Silver Camera: Pia Maria Rautio, Finland
Bronze Camera: Andreas Varro, Sweden

Golden Camera: Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
Silver Camera: Karel Mus, Belgium
Bronze Camera: Rene Algesheimer, Switzerland

Golden Camera: Irina Petrova, Russia
Silver Camera: Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
Bronze Camera: Jan Šmid, Czech Republic

People & Portrait
Golden Camera: Pia Maria Rautio, Finland
Silver Camera: Therese Asplund, Sweden
Bronze Camera: Suvi Roiko, Finland

Reportage & Photojournalism
Golden Camera: Alfonso Novo, Spain
Silver Camera: Luis Godinho, Portugal
Bronze Camera: Manuel Iglesias, Spain

Golden Camera: Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Spain
Silver Camera: Peter Svoboda, Slovakia
Bronze Camera: Hannu Rainamo, Finland

Golden Camera: Miguel Ponte, Portugal
Silver Camera: Iva Schirmenti, Italy
Bronze Camera: Sanjay Jogia, UK

Golden Camera: Tracey Lund, UK
Silver Camera: Risto Raunio, Finland
Bronze Camera: Søren Sviland, Norway

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