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After judging 1000′s of images …. the overall winner of FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2012 … is Peter Gordon from Ireland.

Our judges has worked carefully to find the best amongst the best in the categories of Professional European Wedding, Commercial, Portrait, Reportage, Landscape and Illustrative Photography. There were even special categories for non-European Photographers and Student/Young Photographers.

Each category winner received a Golden Camera – and the best amongst the best became the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2012

In each catagory a Golden Camera was awarded to the winner, and a Silver Camera and a Bronze Camera was given to the following 2 great Photographers.

“Each and every one of the winners represents excellence in their photographic specialisation giving inspiration to colleagues in all Europe and beyond” added FEP President Jorgen Brandt, Master QEP. “It was a pleasure and an honour for me to present the prizes and Chair the competition – I was amazed by the massive talent presented”

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Please find presentation videos at:

… nominations … http://vimeo.com/62243738

… and the winner is … http://vimeo.com/62243739

Herewith the list of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Cameras 2012:


Jose Luis Guardia Peinado, Spain, FEP European Commercial Golden Camera 2012

Gerry O’Leary, Ireland, FEP European Commercial Silver Camera 2012

Daan Moreels, Belgium, FEP European Commercial Bronze Camera 2012



Eugenio Hernandez Guadilla, Spain, FEP European Illustrative Golden Camera 2012

André Boto, Portugal, FEP European Illustrative Silver Camera 2012

Toon Grobet, Belgium, FEP European Illustrative Bronze Camera 2012



Filip Kulisev, Slovakia, FEP European Landscape Golden Camera 2012

Vincenzo Tessarin, Italy, FEP European Landscape Silver Camera 2012

Franz G. Messenbaeck, Austria, FEP European Landscape Bronze Camera 2012



Xanti Rodriguez, Spain, FEP European Portrait Golden Camera 2012

Lluis Oliver Fabrega, Spain, FEP European Portrait Silver Camera 2012

Vicente Esteban Abad, Spain, FEP European Portrait Bronze Camera 2012



Peter Gordon, Ireland, FEP European Reportage Golden Camera 2012

Carlos Felipe Ortiz Morel, Spain, FEP European Reportage Silver Camera 2012

Antonio Gibotta, Italy, FEP European Reportage Bronze Camera 2012



María José Méndez Ubeda, Spain, FEP European Wedding Golden Camera 2012

Jose Luis Guardia Peinado, Spain, FEP European Wedding Silver Camera 2012

Clemente Jimenez Santander, Spain, FEP European Wedding Bronze Camera 2012



Ejun Low, Singapore, FEP International Photographers Golden Camera 2012

Aaron Citti, Australia, FEP International Photographers Silver Camera 2012

David Macias, USA, FEP International Photographers Bronze Camera 2012



Antonio Pérez Rojo, Spain, FEP European Students and Young Photographers Golden Camera 2012

Dawid Galinski, Poland, FEP European Students and Young Photographers Silver Camera 2012

Nick De Clercq, Belgium, FEP European Students and Young Photographers Bronze Camera 2012


“The 2013 FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year will open on September next”

The 2013 FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year competition will re-open on September next, but the rules of the competition will change. The “FEP competition cell”, chaired by Malcolm Sales, knocked out a new scheme which will be presented to the FEP Board for a final approval next month.


The competition will be divided into qualifying rounds and a final assessment. Photographers along the year may enter up to 3 rounds, and the last round (in December each year) will be the final judging of the awarded images. More specifically, in the qualifying rounds the FEP judges will be asked to assess each image, awarding immediately Bronze and Silver Certificates. All Bronze and Silver images will be admitted to the final round, which will award among them Gold awards. The European Photographer of the Year Golden Camera is awarded to the Photographer who receives the most Gold Awards in the final round.

“I am persuaded that the new FEP competition system will attract the attention of the photographers along the whole year, and it will help enhancing the recognition and the high prestige of the FEP awards, said Malcolm Sales, so we hope the proposals of the Competition cell will be studied and after discussion approved.”

With kind regards

Jørgen Brandt


FEP Press Officer & FEP President

Master QEP

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