World Photographic Cup (WPC) har i dag annonceret at den store fejring af finalister og Top 10 samt Best of Nations 2020 / 2021 / 2022 er blevet udskudt fra den 28. marts til mandag den 2. maj 2022 i Rom.

Top 10 og Best of Nations i WPC blev offentliggjort på PPA Grand Imaging Awards Ceremony som blev afholdt den 17. januar 2022 med publikum og samtidig sendt live. I slutningen af live udsendelsen annoncerer WPC´s CEO Giuseppe Scozzi TOP 10 Finalisterne i hver kategori og “Best of Nation” på hvert fotograflandshold. LINK

I år er der 35 deltagende landshold som kæmper i 6 kategorier, i bedste OL stil. I Danmark er det dff som koordinere og sammensætter det danske Fotograflandshold.

Her finder du det danske Fotograflandshold 2022

WPC skriver i dag:

The new dates and why that…

The Governing Committee of the WPC set a new date for the awarding of the winners of the 2022 edition of the World Cup of Photography and celebrating the winners of the editions 2020 and 2021.

The new date: Monday, May 2nd

The WPC made that decision in order to favouring and encouraging the participation of a higher number of winners, especially from Extra-European countries, still subject to travel restrictions for Europe.

We apologies for any inconvenient these changes might cause to someone, but we ask you to understand that the WPC Governing Committee at times must take tough decisions to ensure WPC running smoothly and its survival, struggling with a pandemic.

In any case, we are pleased to announce that the WPC ROMA 2022 event program will take place in Rome, Italy from Saturday April 30th  to Tuesday , May the 3rd  

About WPC ROME 2022…

We remind you that WPC ROMA 2022, an event built around the awards ceremony of the WPC/World Photographic Cup 2020-2021 and 2022, is the very first chance to meet again in person and celebrating professional photography with the best authors from five continents! We are aware and proud that The World Photographic Cup is of enormous value for the photographic industry and for each participating country, and we wanted be sure to celebrate an event filled with amazing atmosphere and great enthusiasm from all participants!

The whole event includes conferences, meetings, awards ceremonies, dinner-parties, photographic exhibitions, sponsors areas.  In addition, a social program of guided tours.

The WPC ceremony in Rome, scheduled on Monday May 2nd, starting at 18.00, will be preceded by the celebration of the Italian WPC qualifiers (Saturday April 30th) and by the FEP Awards 2022 (the prestigious Golden Cameras as well as the FEP Book Prize etc. on  Sunday May 1st ). That will  make the whole event even more attractive and complete.

WPC ROMA 2022 also includes meetings, an international speakers’ program, dinner parties, guided tours, exhibitions and a trade area.


Picture by Mizael Palomeque, Team Mexico

alphabetic order of the countries


Team Australia: Joshua Holko
Team Austria: Robert Sommerauer
Team Belgium: Sven Van Roy
Team Brazil: Leonardo Vilela
Team Canada: Michelle Valberg
Team Chile: Gabriel Guzmán
Team China: Yang Wang
Team Colombia: Dylan Bolívar
Team Costa Rica: Juan José Pucci
Team Czech Republic: Miroslava Trusková
Team Denmark: Lars Roed
Team Finland: Marc Sabat
Team France: Virgil Reglioni
Team Germany: Hans Einspanier
Team Greece: Julia-Anna Gospodarou
Team Guatemala: Richard Gandara
Team India: Swati Chakraborty
Team Italy: Carlo Marchi
Team Japan: Takashi Nakazawa
Team Mexico: Iván Durán
Team New Zealand: Amber Griffin
Team Norway: Ada Marlene Arneberg Vrolijk
Team Pakistan: Zaheer Abbas
Team Philippines: Donell Gumiran
Team Poland: Mateusz Piesiak
Team Portugal: Andre Boto
Team Russia: Alexander Chaldryan
Team Saudi Arabia: Sarah Alrawas
Team Singapore: Joanne Chua
Team Slovakia: Filip Hrebenda
Team Spain: Álvaro Ruiz Nogues
Team Sweden: Arne Bivrin
Team The Netherlands: Bas Uijlings
Team United Kingdom: Tracey Lund
Team United States: Cheryl Moore
in alphabetic order


Andre Boto, Team Portugal
Iván Durán, Team Mexico
Amber Griffin, Team New Zealand
Kazutoshi Kawakami, Team Japan
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Team Finland
Louis-Philippe Provost, Team Canada
Marc Sabat, Team Finland
Sven Van Roy, Team Belgium
Leonardo Vilela, Team Brazil
Tim Wallace, Team United Kingdom
Vladimir Beroev, Team Russia
Erich Caparas, Team United States
Alexander Chaldryan, Team Russia
Iván Durán, Team Mexico
Antti Karppinen, Team Finland
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Team Finland
Hanna Neret, Team Sweden
Peter Rooney, Team United Kingdom
Álvaro Ruiz Nogues, Team Spain
Ben Shirk, Team United States
Arne Bivrin, Team Sweden
Marina Cano, Team Spain
Joshua Holko, Team Australia
Deborah MacEwen, Team Canada
Cheryl Moore, Team United States
Takashi Nakazawa, Team Japan
Mizael Palomeque, Team Mexico
Mateusz Piesiak, Team Poland
Virgil Reglioni, Team France
Michelle Valberg, Team Canada
Fernando Branquinho, Team Portugal
Jesús Castillo, Team Spain
Swati Chakraborty, Team India
Robert Coppa, Team Australia
Iván Durán, Team Mexico
Hans Einspanier, Team Germany
Alexandra Khvesyuk, Team Russia
Elin Stahre, Team Sweden
Myra Thiessen, Team United States
Iván Villagrana, Team Mexico
David Airob, Team Spain
Luís Bento, Team Portugal
Rogério Capela, Team Brazil
Kevin Dooley, Team United States
Donell Gumiran, Team Philippines
Yoshi Lizandra Rodriguez, Team Mexico
Tao Luo, Team China
Klaudia Ratzinger, Team Austria
Joseph Ruiz Cheires, Team Mexico
Ted York, Team United States
Michael Anthony, Team United States
Igor Bulgak, Team Russia
Mauro Cantelmi, Team Australia
Ramiro Cervantes, Team Mexico
Michał Jasiocha, Team Poland
Cong Liu, Team China
Paul McCall, Team Australia
Kenneth Mendoza, Team United States
Miguel Ponte, Team Portugal
Yang Wang, Team China


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