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seminar og work shop med den amerikanske portrætfotograf Jen Hillenga som er partner i Momento Images på Update 2011 Som tidligere nævnt er det en stor ære at kune præsentere Jen på Update 2011, søndag den 28. august afholder hun et seminar og mandag den 29. august bliver det en kombination af seminar og workshop, så husk dit kamera udstyr.

Vi har sørget for alm. modeller, location og de perfekte rammer, du kan godt glæde dig til årets foto event.

Vi har tidligere kort fortalt om Jen, så lad os her vise nogle billeder fra Moment Images, samt en tekst om hvem Jen er ?????

Seminar og work shop er på engelsk ligesom teksten nedenfor om Jen.

Link til Momento Images

Photo: Momento Images

With a bachelors degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design, Jen Hillenga began her career in photography in 1997, working for three different portrait studios before opening her own business in Savage, Minnesota in 2004. By aggressive marketing, she and her partner, Kate Thram, have become one of the leading studios in their area in a very short amount of time.

In the last few years, Jen has been able to master her skills not only as a photographer, but also as a digital artist, gaining her national recognition among her peers. She has been named Minnesota Photographer of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. She was Kodak Photographer to Watch in 2007 and earned her Master’s degree in 2008 and her Craftsman degree in 2010. Most recently, Jen was awarded the Golden Camera Award from the Federation Of European Photographers by having the highest scoring body of work by an international entrant.

In 2008, with an additional business partner, Jack Cosentino, Kate and Jen established an online superstore for Professional Photography products called Jen’ The store has quickly become the leader in online professional products for photographers around the world with a selection of products from over 65 artist contributors that represent “the best talent in the industry”.

Jen focuses on the story behind each image and the internal as well as external beauty of each subject, by relating to her clients with sensitivity and humor. She strives to create imagery that moves the viewer creating moments of poetic expression that touch your emotions.

Jen believes that in order to build a loyal client base, each moment counts….from the design of your marketing, the first phone call, through the creation of their images, through the delivery of superior products….each of these moments is an integral piece of success. Jen will show you how to find the miracles in those moments.

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