Konkurrence – Noorderlicht Photofestival 2010

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Den hollandske Noorderlicht Photofestival 2010 er nu åben for deltagelse. I år er temaet koncentreret omkring ændringer i landområder og deres påvirkning af klodens generelle tilstand.

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Noorderlicht Photofestival 2010

On 23 May, 2007, the world was privileged to celebrate the ‘Urban Millennium’ . On this date, for the first time in history worldwide there were more people living in cities than in the countryside: 3.3 billion people, on 3% of the earth’s surface. For the coming two years Noorderlicht will be turning its attention to this phenomenon, beginning with the changing rural areas of the world.

We would like to think of rural areas as idyllic: self-sufficient communities in which an individual can live peacefully, places where people are not carried along by the roller coaster of urban life and the madhouse of the modern economy. Alas, the reality is much less romantic.

UN reports sketch a sombre picture of rural life, especially in the non-Western world. The prospects for its inhabitants are even worse than those of the slum-dwellers in the cities. Poverty is rampant and there is a lack of schooling. Social mobility is limited to an exodus of the young to the city, so that the countryside is ageing. In the West things appear less dramatic in terms of the standard of living, but what would it look like here without agricultural subsidies?

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