Paul RG Haley



Paul started in full time photography in 1967 for, FD Montgomery in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire as an apprentice photographer covering Advertising, Commercial and Social clients. On Mongomery’s retirement Paul started work as a colour printer for A. H. Leach & Co. Ltd. of Brighouse, West Yorkshire continuing his apprenticeship while attending Leeds Kitson College for City & Guilds examinations in General Photography (C&G 344/345), and after two years printing was promoted internally as assessor for three printers. At that time, before machine printing, Leach were, arguably, the best quality Direct Colour printers in the country and Paul certainly considered his on the job training there to be the best available anywhere in the world. Colour assessing to keep three printers in work had to be both quick and accurate, their pay depending on Paul’s output and ability.

In 1971 he left Leach to work for the Ministry of Defence as a civilian photographer, first at the Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill, Wiltshire and then in 1974 was promoted to Senior

Photographer for SOLDIER Magazine based in Aldershot but covering news features around the world. Paul was one of only three civilian photographers to cover the Falklands conflict in 1982 and also served in many more theatres on Active service during 13 years with the magazine. His images from the Falklands War were printed throughout the world, many becoming iconic illustrations of the conflict.

In 1987 Paul left the MoD to start his own Social, Commercial and PR Photography business in Ossett, West Yorkshire. During this time he employed up to four full time staff and eventually ran a large studio plus film processing and printing for customers own films. Since 2000 Paul has worked from home mainly concentrating on social photography and ArtNude poster images. During 2007/09 Paul lived in Southern Italy shooting ArtNude and glamour images as well as stock landscape images and also worked on completing a panel of images which he subsequently submitted and qualified for Fellowship with the Master Photographers Association. He is a Director of the Master Photographers Association in the UK and also Judges for them.