2 dff fotografer i top

Skrevet af

over 500 fotografer fra 22 lande i Europa har deltaget i den årlige billedkonkurrence European Photographer of the Year Awards for 2014

Det er med stor glæde at vi kan ønske dff medlemmerne Malou Reedorf og Michael With tillykke med deres flotte placering i TOP 10. Det er meget flot !!!!!

Top 3 i hver kategori annonceres på photokina 2014 hvor dff arrangere tur til i dagene 18. til 21. september 2014.

Beskeden fra FEP er netop kommet:


Competition Finalists Announced!

The international jury has now completed the judging round.

The winners will be announced and the awards will be presented at a special ceremony to be held in Photokina, on September 18.at 17.00 in the professional stage area.

The names of the top 10 photographers in each of the seven categories are now available.

Click here for a full listing of all finalists


“Dedication to excellence and high quality is fascinating, as it shows and gives insight into the life and imagination of great creative minds. The participating Photographers have all shared their very diverse skills with the professional Photography, and given us all an understanding through the images that goes beyond culture and spoken words.

It has been a close race,  and the 70 finalists are the very best in a very hard competition with a lot of high scorers running up. The photographers are of course the center of a competition, but without the hard, qualified,  joyful and voluntary work of the judges, there would not be any prestigious competition. So the FEP would like to thank all the Judges for showing their love for Photography and its trade”

-Jørgen Brandt, Judging Chairman

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